Permanent housing

If you are planning to move to Luleå, it is important to start looking for accommodation as early as possible.
Housing in Luleå usually falls into one of three contract categories: rental, owner-occupier and private ownership. Rented flats are popular in Luleå, and consequently often difficult to find. Many large property owners, including the Municipality's housing company, use a queue system with waiting periods of varying length to allocate available housing. 
Many flats in Luleå belong to cooperative housing societies that operate under a system of tenant-ownership. While this requires a larger initial investment, it also means no queuing and no waiting period.

If you're planning on a long stay in Luleå, buying a house or flat may be an option. Luleå has a number of estate agents who will be happy to help you find permanent accommodation.

This page was last updated 23 January 2023