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We can offer place for your child in our preschools and leisure-time centres.


Preschool is a teaching organisation for children between the ages of 1 to 5 years old, whose parents are working, studying or on parental leave or actively searching employment. For those children you can apply for a place in a preschool.

All children between 3-5 years are entitled to 15 hours per week of free preschool education. Place in preschool from the autumn term when the child turns three years. 

Childcare for schoolchildren (leisure-time recreation)

Children between 6-12 years can attend leisure-time recreation before and after school and on school holidays. The leisure-time centers are often organized in connection to the school’s premises. 

Inconvenient and irregular working hours 

Care during inconvenient or irregular working hours can be offered at one of the municipality’s pre-schools for children registered at preschool or a leisure-time centre. Applications are to be sent to the Childcare and Education Department. No extra fee is charged for care during inconvenient work hours. A place may be combined with a normal daytime placement at another preschool, but only after individual consideration.

Apply for a place in the county preschool system through www.lulea.se/ansokanbarnomsorg External link.. e-ID is required.

Or contact Kundtjänst Barnomsorg for assistance.
Phone 0920-45 30 00

This page was last updated 23 January 2023